Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I'd Rather Do

Dear Cooper,
Here is a list of things that Mommy would rather do than take you to get your two month shots...

Listen to virtually any of Daddy's CD's
Watch the overrated show Big Bang Theory
Get a root canal
Wear sweats that say Juicy on the butt out in public
Watch Sex and the City 2 again
Sit through a Leno monologue
Walk Liono on a leash in the rain
Read any of those vampire books
See Starr Jones naked
Babysit for the Duggers
Eat seafood
Have a conversation with Tom Cruise
Dress like Lady Gaga
Be trapped in a room filled with clowns and mimes
Herd 100 cats
Argue politics with, well... anyone
Go fishing with my father
Start a relationship with Michael Moore
Go back to junior high
Be without the internet
Live in an igloo
Be an audience member for an entire season of Dancing with the Stars
Hang out with the cast of the Jersey Shore
Cut the lawn using scissors
Be stuck at Walmart for any length of time
Declaw a kitten
See Barbara Streisand live
Stick a fork into a live socket

Immunizations are a necessary evil, in my opinion. His one month shot went well. I held him and calmed him down relatively quickly, but I will NEVER get the look he had on his face out of my head, not ever. She poked him, he gasped and held his breath, and looked utterly shocked. Then he screamed. I nearly cried myself. Mike offered to bring him to his appointment, but I think not going would just make me feel worse.

Breaks my heart.

Coop had a yucky day. He wouldn't really nap, so by the time we had to take him for his 2 month check up. He was tired with a capital T. This Mommy couldn't bare to watch him get his shots...chicken. He calmed down pretty quick. I just feel bad for his pork chop thighs. It is now 8PM and my little guy has slept for about 2 1/2 hours since waking up at 6AM. One of two things will happen tonight lots of tears and exhaustion or lots of sleep. I guess we will have to see how it goes.

Here's what I hope happens tonight

Fallible Mommy Moment: Why is it that when I am at the doctor's office, I forget all of my questions? I remind myself before we get there and then blank out. I need to write them down because Google gives me way too many possible answers which are clearly just opinions written by people who got their medical degrees by watching Grey's Anatomy.

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