Monday, February 20, 2012

My Family

I grew up in a different kind of house with a different kind of family. I won't delve into all the in's and out's but dysfunction doesn't really quite describe it. My childhood was filled with alcoholism, physical and emotional abuse, and embarrassment. I'm not close with anyone in my family, so when I say how blessed I am right now, I truly mean it.

My husband Mike is the best man I have ever known. He is smart, funny, and handsome...and the most loving and generous person I know. I married him in 1999. We were so young. The person he has grown into is amazing. I love him more and more each day.

Mike's parents are really the only family we have had. We started out with a kind of rocky relationship, but they truly have become my parents. They are kind, generous, and love unconditionally (which for me...was new).

I have felt lucky to have the three of them as my family.

Becoming pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy was difficult for us. I knew I wanted to have a child not just for me, but for the three of them. I wanted so badly to see how wonderful Mike would be as a Dad. I wanted Ed and Kathy to have a grandchild nearby that they could enjoy all the time. I never imagined how happy I would be seeing this dream fulfilled.

Mike is a wonderful Dad. I get to watch him become the person he was meant to be. Everything he does for and with Cooper is with love. I love seeing him talk and hold our little guy. I love after he feeds Coop that he gently dabs his mouth with a burp cloth and says silly things like "the beef wellington was sublime". I love that Mike doesn't know very many kids songs but still tries. My heart melts watching them together.

Ed and Kathy are the type of grandparents that you want your baby to have. Ed is sooo stinkin' cute with Cooper. He feeds him and will gently rub Coop's hand with his finger. He talks to him and Coop just stares at him. Watching him with Coop is amazing. Kathy is ob.sess.ed with this baby. She visits us whenever we will have her, which right now is once or twice a week. She brings him books and necessities, but most of all, she brings him love. They want to be a part of his life, and I know, he will be a better person for it. I'm sure that Cooper will never completely understand how much they love him and how lucky he is to have them as grandparents.

I am blessed. The love that Cooper has brought into my life is quite overwhelming. Seeing how happy he has made the people around me is one of the best gifts I have ever been given.



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