Monday, February 6, 2012


Oh my gravy! I love this little guy more and more! Last week he began to smile and this week he is smiling ALL the time. He is literally melting my heart! <------this was a post that was started last Friday and is still true; however, a post written today or even yesterday, would start out more like this...

Oh my gravy! I don't know what happened. Coop and I had hit our stride. Last week he consistently ate every 3 hours. He would be up every 2-4 hours at night. We were getting out of the house with relative confidence building.

Saturday was the first day my husband and I took Cooper out. The day went perfectly now that we have "Rodge the Dodge". We went to Red Robin for lunch, stopped at the mall, and bought this little guy SOOO much clothing from Carters, woohoo for a gift card! Then, Sunday everything seemed a bit off. We just figured it was "too" much for him in a day and things would get back normal.

Last night he didn't sleep very well at all and nothing seemed to work for him. Then today, every 3 hours became, well, every "whenever the little fella wants". Sometimes it was 1.5hrs and some other times every 2.15....argh! It was frustrating. I couldn't seem to calm him down either. I am hoping that he is going through a growth spurt and not becoming the fiery colic boy of yester. Have I mentioned how much he has grown? Holy moly, as of last week he just seemed to be gigantic. I can't imagine he is in the midst of another spurt, but here's hoping! We have truly gotten a lot more wear out of newborn clothing than I thought we would, but I think those little toes are just going to pop right out!

I have 4 more weeks of my maternity leave and I am really trying to make the most out of it. I am talking, cuddling, and staring at him a ton! I have also found that singing to him truly soothes him which I LOVE.

Fallible Mommy Moment: Friday was a good day with Coop; however, I let some personal issues with my Kindergarten blog affect my mood. I should have just closed up my laptop and focused on my little guy. Instead, I had a hard time refocusing. I didn't have a bad mood with him, but I found my mind wandering when I should have just been enjoying my time with Cooper. Being a Mommy is hard.

Little shout out to a reader...Hi David! Your Kindergarten teacher will always love you!!!

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  1. As a lover of your teaching blog and now this blog (I'm a K teacher and mommy, myself), I must say that your bad mood was well-deserved. I wonder all of the time about the teachers selling all of their stuff, instead of sharing. You have inspired so many and I always make a point to share everything that I make for free, because you taught me well! Keep being an awesome mom and blogger; and know that there are plenty of times when you feel guilty about wasting time or energy on negative stuff, instead of your child. That is what makes you a good mom!