Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Why yes my little tree frog mirror, I am the fairest of them all.

After weeks of trying to get Mr. Coop to focus on a mirror...he finally did it today, and holy moly it was too cute for words! We were playing on the floor and I sat there, as per usual, holding the little mirror in front of him. After a couple of minutes, he started showing his gummy little grin. Then he began what I believe to be the cutest thing he has done so far in his life....he began conversing with himself. He smiled and cooed at that mirror for 15 minutes. I'm fairly certain he was practicing his high school valedictorian speech or his acceptance speech for when he is awarded the Nobel Price in Physiology or Medicine...I can't be sure which.

After all that practicing, my little fella was tuckered.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two & Too

Two &'s like a little wink to Chuck Woolery. I wonder what ever happened to him. Anywho, I realized today that my two month old probably has more clothing that I do. I can honestly say he probably does have more than me because I am 65lbs lighter that when I first found out I was pregnant. I lost a total of 65lbs from March until Coop was born in Decemeber, so now I have no clothes. He has all together, too much. I honestly don't think he will be able to wear most of it more than twice. And, yet I just can't stop!

I went out for some much needed retail therapy this morning. It was the first time I've ventured out into more than 30 minutes from our house. But, if you want to do any type of good shopping, it simply cannot be done in my podunk neck of the woods. I stopped at BuyBuy Baby to purchase nipples and return our swing. That's store near my home carried Dr. Browns wide neck nipples...blah! We came to the conclusion that Coop was getting uber frustrated with his current nipples...which begs the question...what would he do if I was still breastfeeding? There were times that it took our little fell an hour to finish 3oz. Well, after changing to the level 2, he finished 4 oz. in 10 minutes! He didn't choke or spit up...that is called winning. As for the swing, when I registered for all things baby, I did a TON of research. So, I made sure that I registered for a swing that had battery and A/C power, that's just smart. Well, I immediately put the batteries in and plugged it in...two days ago we found out that the plug in option didn't work on our swing. We had no receipt, no box, and I didn't even take it apart. Threw it in the back of Rodge and they took it back, no questions asked. Another score for me!

Then I had to stop in Carters because I had a coupon. Bought my little man baby some new threads, not because he needs anything, but because they have new stuff and it's cute! Can't wait to dress him and post some cutie patootie pictures.

Our great adventure concluded with a visit to Grandma's work. I knew that stopping there would make her day and boy, did it! She was so excited to get him out of the carseat and show him off. It was so stinking cute. It's funny because her co-worker must see pictures of him and hear about him on a daily basis, but nothing compares to the real deal, right?

Monday, February 27, 2012

It's a Wonderful Pond

As my maternity leave begins winding down, I have begun to stress over the non-sleep factor. I know, I know, I doesn't last forever. Clearly you don't know me. I am a terrible sleeper! It sometimes takes me forever to go to sleep, I wake up at the drop of a hat (then it takes me so long to fall back asleep)....wahwah. Anyway, the past 3 days I have read the No Cry Sleep Solution and Babywise.

I'm not sure if I really fall into either camp. I think we will end up adopting a combination of the two and just hope for the best. If anyone has any input (the non-judgmental kind), I would gladly listen.

We aren't trying to get him on a schedule at all...just a bit more consistent in how much he eats and how often. He's kind of all over the place. Sometimes he wants 2oz, sometimes he wants 5oz, sometimes he takes a 2 hour nap, sometimes it's 30 minutes. I'm charting it and there doesn't seem to be pattern. Do you know how hard it is to get anything done? Leaving the house is almost a joke. I thought if I feed him and then immediately leave, he'll sleep...well, this only works some of the time, the rest of the time he screams. Then I thought I will feed him, then play (like normal), then take him when he normally would nap in his rotation of eat, play, nap...only works some of the time. Everyone just keeps giving me milestones...first it was 6 weeks (things will get better at six weeks), then it was 8 weeks (things will get better at 8 weeks), now it is 3 months (things will get better then). Coop is very close to 3 months, I'm pretty sure everyone is just saying those things to pacify me, lol.

So, we started to try to get Coop to be a little more consistent with eating and sleeping today. At one point this afternoon he woke up and was screaming his little head off. Mike tried to console him by turning on the sounds in the swing, one of which is basically all outdoorsy. Well, when it didn't console our little guy, Mike looked at Coop and said, "What? Come on Coop, It's a Wonderful Pond." I don't know why this made me laugh, but it did. Cooper didn't find it quite as amusing and just screamed which Mommy went and took a shower.

Don't get me wrong...things have DEFINITELY improved. I love him, sleep or not, screaming or not. He is soooo happy when everything is going his way...if I could just break his code so I know his expectation :0)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Box

Today I packed up Cooper's newborn clothing :0( I should have packed them up 2 1/2 weeks ago, but the thought of it just made me a little sad. More than a little sad, it made me tear up!

 I know the exact day he stopped wearing them...January silly is that? I've documented EVERYTHING!

By the picture it doesn't look too small, but his tiny toes looked like they were just going to POP out. We've got ourselves a long boy! That little puppy outfit was one of my absolute favorites! I liked it so much that when Carter's had their storewide 40% off sale, I bought it in 9 months, lol!

Our little guy isn't chunky, just long, so we were really able to get a lot of use out of newborn clothing. He still can wear 0-3 months in Lamaze brand. I'm not really sure who came up with the sizing for baby clothes...clearly, all the different brands should sit down together and work on it. For example, Cooper's head has always measured in the 25%...big it is not, yet he cannot fit into ANY Carter's hats, yet the Vitamin's newborn hat Coop has, didn't start to fit until he was almost 2 months old. This is not the only discrepancy in sizing. Circo onsies seems too small, Gerber onsies are a tad too big, and Carter's are just right....but that is just for now. I can tell that when Coop is 3 months old, he probably won't fit in the Carter's 3 month Sleep and Plays. OyVay!

And, what is a sleep and play? I feel like when he is wearing those now, he's in jammies. I can't take him out wearing those...then I am the Mom who is too lazy to properly dress her baby. Onsies and pants for Everyone! Except sometimes those make him look like an old man. An old man that I adore, but an old man, nonetheless.

It made me sad to pack those up. I doubt we will have another baby. It took too long to get pregnant and now I'm freaking old or at least my eggs are, the fertility treatments made me a bit crazy, and holy moly the sleep deprivation is a thing that NO one can quite prepare you for. Not to mention my husband thinks that we would go broke...I am obsessed with baby goods on Etsy, Coop simply cannot have too many books, and heaven forbid I have a girl!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Family

I grew up in a different kind of house with a different kind of family. I won't delve into all the in's and out's but dysfunction doesn't really quite describe it. My childhood was filled with alcoholism, physical and emotional abuse, and embarrassment. I'm not close with anyone in my family, so when I say how blessed I am right now, I truly mean it.

My husband Mike is the best man I have ever known. He is smart, funny, and handsome...and the most loving and generous person I know. I married him in 1999. We were so young. The person he has grown into is amazing. I love him more and more each day.

Mike's parents are really the only family we have had. We started out with a kind of rocky relationship, but they truly have become my parents. They are kind, generous, and love unconditionally (which for me...was new).

I have felt lucky to have the three of them as my family.

Becoming pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy was difficult for us. I knew I wanted to have a child not just for me, but for the three of them. I wanted so badly to see how wonderful Mike would be as a Dad. I wanted Ed and Kathy to have a grandchild nearby that they could enjoy all the time. I never imagined how happy I would be seeing this dream fulfilled.

Mike is a wonderful Dad. I get to watch him become the person he was meant to be. Everything he does for and with Cooper is with love. I love seeing him talk and hold our little guy. I love after he feeds Coop that he gently dabs his mouth with a burp cloth and says silly things like "the beef wellington was sublime". I love that Mike doesn't know very many kids songs but still tries. My heart melts watching them together.

Ed and Kathy are the type of grandparents that you want your baby to have. Ed is sooo stinkin' cute with Cooper. He feeds him and will gently rub Coop's hand with his finger. He talks to him and Coop just stares at him. Watching him with Coop is amazing. Kathy is ob.sess.ed with this baby. She visits us whenever we will have her, which right now is once or twice a week. She brings him books and necessities, but most of all, she brings him love. They want to be a part of his life, and I know, he will be a better person for it. I'm sure that Cooper will never completely understand how much they love him and how lucky he is to have them as grandparents.

I am blessed. The love that Cooper has brought into my life is quite overwhelming. Seeing how happy he has made the people around me is one of the best gifts I have ever been given.



Photo Crazed

Seriously, I have become a picture queen. I am constantly snapping pictures of Coop-a-Loop. I am getting pics developed at least once a week, and I don't even have the stomach to total up how much I've spent in frames. Although, I have been good about waiting for Hobby Lobby and Michaels to have frames on sale before I buy. Today I bought 4 8x10 frames that would have totaled $80 and I paid $37...go me!

I just can't resist taking his picture. He has this perfect little round head. I call it a cantaloupe head. I have always had a thing about round baby heads...the rounder the better. I also have this weird thing with chubby babies...I've got a lanky baby, but he does have little pork chop thighs which I adore. Anyway, my perfect little baby head is going flat in the back. King Coop HATES tummy time. I really have to spread it out throughout the day and I'm trying to get him to sleep on my shoulder or chest when I can. I am also trying to get him to lay on his side when he's just chillin', but so far it's not working. Any suggestions are welcome, I would prefer his head to stay round. Heaven forbid he have to sport a helmet or something.

I have come to the conclusion that scrapbooking may not be for me. I think I am going to stop developing all these pictures and just fork over the dough to have them put into those cute photo books. I'm thinking it's worth the money. Plus I'm starting to look like a crazy person with the amount of pictures I am developing. If we should ever have another baby I will feel bad because I will have a zillion pics of Coop and probably a handful for deux.

I shall leave you with this...a glimpse into my crazy. Literally taking pictures ALL day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gummy Grins

Current Weight- 12lbs 9 oz (3.7lb gain)
Current Height- 25in (2 inch gain)
Current Favorites- Smiling and cooing, Being swaddled tight and swinging, Being "booped" on the nose, Watching my mouth when I talk or sing
Current Dislikes- Being Burped (still), Tummy Time

Coop-a-Loop turned two months on Monday! I have been a Mommy for 2 months! Some days it feels like I've always had this perfect little man and other days it feels like he I just brought him home. I can't imagine my life without him.

Well, the other day I blogged about him sleeping and I knew it wouldn't last. The very next night he was right back to being up every two hours. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in the wee hours, I just think about all his gummy grins which make it all worth it. I really hope that the tide starts to turn, I've got to back to work the second week in March.

Yesterday, I had to run to Walmart (surprising I know...I am a Target girl), but I can upload photos and pick them up an hour later just 5 mins from my house...they win. Anyway, I put Coop in the cart and he was out faster than Andy Cohen can say "Mazel!" Two different people commented on how loud he snores....hahaha....this amused me greatly. He snores, he has the stinkiest gas...he is such a boy! I always thought I would want a girl, but good Lord, I am sooooo grateful for this little guy. I can't wait to play in the dirt with him!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I'd Rather Do

Dear Cooper,
Here is a list of things that Mommy would rather do than take you to get your two month shots...

Listen to virtually any of Daddy's CD's
Watch the overrated show Big Bang Theory
Get a root canal
Wear sweats that say Juicy on the butt out in public
Watch Sex and the City 2 again
Sit through a Leno monologue
Walk Liono on a leash in the rain
Read any of those vampire books
See Starr Jones naked
Babysit for the Duggers
Eat seafood
Have a conversation with Tom Cruise
Dress like Lady Gaga
Be trapped in a room filled with clowns and mimes
Herd 100 cats
Argue politics with, well... anyone
Go fishing with my father
Start a relationship with Michael Moore
Go back to junior high
Be without the internet
Live in an igloo
Be an audience member for an entire season of Dancing with the Stars
Hang out with the cast of the Jersey Shore
Cut the lawn using scissors
Be stuck at Walmart for any length of time
Declaw a kitten
See Barbara Streisand live
Stick a fork into a live socket

Immunizations are a necessary evil, in my opinion. His one month shot went well. I held him and calmed him down relatively quickly, but I will NEVER get the look he had on his face out of my head, not ever. She poked him, he gasped and held his breath, and looked utterly shocked. Then he screamed. I nearly cried myself. Mike offered to bring him to his appointment, but I think not going would just make me feel worse.

Breaks my heart.

Coop had a yucky day. He wouldn't really nap, so by the time we had to take him for his 2 month check up. He was tired with a capital T. This Mommy couldn't bare to watch him get his shots...chicken. He calmed down pretty quick. I just feel bad for his pork chop thighs. It is now 8PM and my little guy has slept for about 2 1/2 hours since waking up at 6AM. One of two things will happen tonight lots of tears and exhaustion or lots of sleep. I guess we will have to see how it goes.

Here's what I hope happens tonight

Fallible Mommy Moment: Why is it that when I am at the doctor's office, I forget all of my questions? I remind myself before we get there and then blank out. I need to write them down because Google gives me way too many possible answers which are clearly just opinions written by people who got their medical degrees by watching Grey's Anatomy.

Scrapbooking: Just another Fallible Moment

Those Mommy's out there who create beautiful scrapbooks amaze me. I have a wonderful baby scrapbook that was made by my dear friend Kate. She made it so easy to just fill in the pictures. I bought a bunch of stuff to create one for King Coop. Best intentions, right? I've been super good about printing out the pictures and everything, yet I just can't seem to get my act together. Even now...I brought all the stuff downstairs yesterday...determined to get some pages done. Now I've just made a mess and really have nada done!

Today we finally got Coop's newborn pictures. The photographer did an amazing job, but I will be honest, it cost us a lot! We only ordered 10 4x6's and 4 5x7's and spent over $200 in addition to our sitting fee. The pictures are beautiful. Wish I could post 'em, but there was no option to buy a disc.

In other news, Coop apparently heard me whining about sleep and actually slept for 4 hours straight last night AND it Mike did the 1:30 feeding...even better, I was so tired his crying didn't wake me up. I slept for 5 hours and what a difference it made. ohmiword. Then this little man took several lengthy naps today, GET OUT! It probably wont' happen for another few weeks, just often enough to keep me from completely losing my mind.

Valentine's Day was exactly the way it should have been. Take out. Cuddling. Then falling asleep while watching The Shield. OK, I don't know if watching Al Capone with a badge is the picture of romance, but it is one of the best shows, ever.

Here are some pictures of my love(s). Ahh Coop, your little bug eyes crack Mommy up. Once that flash goes off it's over...

This one isn't from Valentine's day, but I love it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On the Blog Again

I needed a break from all things technology related. My Kindergarten blog, Facebook, and I were on a break.

Cooper is smiling ALL the time, it is literally addictive for me. I've got hundreds of pictures of this little guy. With all that smiling you would think, Mommy must be doing great. For the most part, I am. I really like being at home with him, but there are times I long to be back at school, which then, makes me feel uber guilty. Also, sleep is becoming quite an issue in our house. Cooper is still just sleeping for about 2-3 hours at a time through the night. My husband is wonderful about wanting to do a nighttime feeding, which also makes me feel guilty because he has to get up and go to work...but anyway.

Mike will usually do either the 12:30 or the 4:00AM feeding; however, have I mentioned that my husband sleeps like a rock or that he can fall asleep in seconds? Yeah, and then there is me...the smallest sound wakes me up and there are times in can take me an hour to fall back asleep. So, every time Coop wakes up...I wake up. Also, I've got the added bonus that I cannot nap for the life of me (and apparently, this little nugget is just like me because his naps are about 30-45 minutes at a time)! I am EXHAUSTED. I know the newborn stage can't last forever, but seriously, I don't know how to get this little guy to sleep for longer. I try to fill him up, but his little tummy can only hold so much. My poor husband is a saint. I've been tired and really irritable.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Oh my gravy! I love this little guy more and more! Last week he began to smile and this week he is smiling ALL the time. He is literally melting my heart! <------this was a post that was started last Friday and is still true; however, a post written today or even yesterday, would start out more like this...

Oh my gravy! I don't know what happened. Coop and I had hit our stride. Last week he consistently ate every 3 hours. He would be up every 2-4 hours at night. We were getting out of the house with relative confidence building.

Saturday was the first day my husband and I took Cooper out. The day went perfectly now that we have "Rodge the Dodge". We went to Red Robin for lunch, stopped at the mall, and bought this little guy SOOO much clothing from Carters, woohoo for a gift card! Then, Sunday everything seemed a bit off. We just figured it was "too" much for him in a day and things would get back normal.

Last night he didn't sleep very well at all and nothing seemed to work for him. Then today, every 3 hours became, well, every "whenever the little fella wants". Sometimes it was 1.5hrs and some other times every 2.15....argh! It was frustrating. I couldn't seem to calm him down either. I am hoping that he is going through a growth spurt and not becoming the fiery colic boy of yester. Have I mentioned how much he has grown? Holy moly, as of last week he just seemed to be gigantic. I can't imagine he is in the midst of another spurt, but here's hoping! We have truly gotten a lot more wear out of newborn clothing than I thought we would, but I think those little toes are just going to pop right out!

I have 4 more weeks of my maternity leave and I am really trying to make the most out of it. I am talking, cuddling, and staring at him a ton! I have also found that singing to him truly soothes him which I LOVE.

Fallible Mommy Moment: Friday was a good day with Coop; however, I let some personal issues with my Kindergarten blog affect my mood. I should have just closed up my laptop and focused on my little guy. Instead, I had a hard time refocusing. I didn't have a bad mood with him, but I found my mind wandering when I should have just been enjoying my time with Cooper. Being a Mommy is hard.

Little shout out to a reader...Hi David! Your Kindergarten teacher will always love you!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seven Week Itch

The tide is turning in our house! The week of January 16th was terrible, so we did end up switching to the Alimentum Ready to Feed formula on January 22nd. I can honestly say that we instantly had a new baby. We can hold him or sit with him and just talk to him and his response isn't a piercing scream. It is truly awesome. I am thanking God everyday.

The weather hasn't been horrible here, so I have made a few trips out of the house with Coop. Friday we spent the day visiting my school. I just loved seeing my kids and coworkers. My school is really my second home, I love it there. It was great to introduce my little guy to everyone. That lengthy trip made me realize that my car, affectionately known as Adam, is not made for a baby. Adam is a Toyota Corrolla. He is entirely too small...from the back seat to the trunk...all too small. So, on Saturday Adam was traded in for Rodge. Rodge is a minivan. YIKES...a minivan! I am not the type of person that said I would never drive one but really...a minivan? I would have gotten an SUV, but Mike wasn't too keen on it. Welcome Rodge to our happy family!

Just yesterday we  went to the mall. Granted, our mall is was still a trip! It feels great to get out of the house, and I am beginning to feel confident with him outside of the house. Today we even stopped and picked up Panera and went to eat with our friend Bridget. It was a great day of chatting and visiting with her and the kids.

That brings me to where I am...I've got the seven week itch. I'm dying to get out and about. I really would love some type of schedule, although I don't think that is possible. His eating habits truly throw me for a loop. He was consistently eating 4oz every 3 hours. The last few days he will have feedings that he will only drink 2oz and other feedings that he will drink as much as 6 1/2oz. Those feedings that he just drinks 2oz of our liquid gold is kind of frustrating because then I have to dump the rest. Coop lives his life 1oz at a time.

Some Fallible Mommy Moments:
Our short trip to Target was an overall success; however, our Chicco Keyfit carseat does not, I repeat does not, fit on the top part of the cart. It doesn't matter how many different ways you tilt the car seat or turn it. I really thought I must have been doing it wrong. Then I googled it....I felt soooo stupid for that trip. Here's what...carseats aren't suppose to go up there, no matter how many other people are doing it.

Cooper doesn't appreciate you trying to get the carseat to snap into the stroller in the parking lot at Kohls when it is cold and windy, when clearly your dumbass has not practiced.