Friday, February 17, 2012

Gummy Grins

Current Weight- 12lbs 9 oz (3.7lb gain)
Current Height- 25in (2 inch gain)
Current Favorites- Smiling and cooing, Being swaddled tight and swinging, Being "booped" on the nose, Watching my mouth when I talk or sing
Current Dislikes- Being Burped (still), Tummy Time

Coop-a-Loop turned two months on Monday! I have been a Mommy for 2 months! Some days it feels like I've always had this perfect little man and other days it feels like he I just brought him home. I can't imagine my life without him.

Well, the other day I blogged about him sleeping and I knew it wouldn't last. The very next night he was right back to being up every two hours. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in the wee hours, I just think about all his gummy grins which make it all worth it. I really hope that the tide starts to turn, I've got to back to work the second week in March.

Yesterday, I had to run to Walmart (surprising I know...I am a Target girl), but I can upload photos and pick them up an hour later just 5 mins from my house...they win. Anyway, I put Coop in the cart and he was out faster than Andy Cohen can say "Mazel!" Two different people commented on how loud he snores....hahaha....this amused me greatly. He snores, he has the stinkiest gas...he is such a boy! I always thought I would want a girl, but good Lord, I am sooooo grateful for this little guy. I can't wait to play in the dirt with him!


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