Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seven Week Itch

The tide is turning in our house! The week of January 16th was terrible, so we did end up switching to the Alimentum Ready to Feed formula on January 22nd. I can honestly say that we instantly had a new baby. We can hold him or sit with him and just talk to him and his response isn't a piercing scream. It is truly awesome. I am thanking God everyday.

The weather hasn't been horrible here, so I have made a few trips out of the house with Coop. Friday we spent the day visiting my school. I just loved seeing my kids and coworkers. My school is really my second home, I love it there. It was great to introduce my little guy to everyone. That lengthy trip made me realize that my car, affectionately known as Adam, is not made for a baby. Adam is a Toyota Corrolla. He is entirely too small...from the back seat to the trunk...all too small. So, on Saturday Adam was traded in for Rodge. Rodge is a minivan. YIKES...a minivan! I am not the type of person that said I would never drive one but really...a minivan? I would have gotten an SUV, but Mike wasn't too keen on it. Welcome Rodge to our happy family!

Just yesterday we  went to the mall. Granted, our mall is was still a trip! It feels great to get out of the house, and I am beginning to feel confident with him outside of the house. Today we even stopped and picked up Panera and went to eat with our friend Bridget. It was a great day of chatting and visiting with her and the kids.

That brings me to where I am...I've got the seven week itch. I'm dying to get out and about. I really would love some type of schedule, although I don't think that is possible. His eating habits truly throw me for a loop. He was consistently eating 4oz every 3 hours. The last few days he will have feedings that he will only drink 2oz and other feedings that he will drink as much as 6 1/2oz. Those feedings that he just drinks 2oz of our liquid gold is kind of frustrating because then I have to dump the rest. Coop lives his life 1oz at a time.

Some Fallible Mommy Moments:
Our short trip to Target was an overall success; however, our Chicco Keyfit carseat does not, I repeat does not, fit on the top part of the cart. It doesn't matter how many different ways you tilt the car seat or turn it. I really thought I must have been doing it wrong. Then I googled it....I felt soooo stupid for that trip. Here's what...carseats aren't suppose to go up there, no matter how many other people are doing it.

Cooper doesn't appreciate you trying to get the carseat to snap into the stroller in the parking lot at Kohls when it is cold and windy, when clearly your dumbass has not practiced.


  1. Girl, I feel ya on the feedings! I'm nursing, so instead of crying over dumping the liquid gold, I'm crying because all I feel I'm doing is nursing! lol...but they go through growth spurts, and I think B has hit one again!!
    Are you going back to work? I go back in 2 weeks...right after Vday..B will be just shy of 2 months old.

    ♥ Jen
    The Teachers' Cauldron

  2. One thing you can do so that you don't have to dump (although it is more work, it is MUCH less costly) is to just fill the bottle with 2 oz. at a time. If after the first 2 oz he still seems hungry, go for a little more. If he seems satisfied, then just stop and save yourself from dumping that REALLY expensive formula... I can imagine the cringe the entire way to the sink to dump it... I'm cheap so I would just be thinking about the money literally going "down the drain". lol

  3. OK...I could not find a way to post a comment on your teacher blog, so here I am looking at adorable pics of your little guy:) Sorry to post this on your personal blog, but I just wanted to tell you how truly awesome I think that you are. I love your teaching blog and have used many of your printables with my class. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with everyone. I have followed your journey and have sent so many prayers and positive thoughts your way. Your focus right now needs to be on the blessing that you are holding in your arms everyday. Keep on blogging because I would soooo miss you.
    A Place Called Kindergarten

  4. I have twins that were both on liquid gold, I only saw a difference when they went on Prevacid. I can tell you they both completely grew out of it by 6 mos! I honestly can relate to you in so many ways, it's insane. I'm a kindergarten teacher, conceived my children through IVF (we did 9 iui's first), & now I'm reading about the reflux! Crazy, if you ever need to just vent about your reflux child email/Facebook me, I can tell you it gets better:)