Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Box

Today I packed up Cooper's newborn clothing :0( I should have packed them up 2 1/2 weeks ago, but the thought of it just made me a little sad. More than a little sad, it made me tear up!

 I know the exact day he stopped wearing them...January silly is that? I've documented EVERYTHING!

By the picture it doesn't look too small, but his tiny toes looked like they were just going to POP out. We've got ourselves a long boy! That little puppy outfit was one of my absolute favorites! I liked it so much that when Carter's had their storewide 40% off sale, I bought it in 9 months, lol!

Our little guy isn't chunky, just long, so we were really able to get a lot of use out of newborn clothing. He still can wear 0-3 months in Lamaze brand. I'm not really sure who came up with the sizing for baby clothes...clearly, all the different brands should sit down together and work on it. For example, Cooper's head has always measured in the 25%...big it is not, yet he cannot fit into ANY Carter's hats, yet the Vitamin's newborn hat Coop has, didn't start to fit until he was almost 2 months old. This is not the only discrepancy in sizing. Circo onsies seems too small, Gerber onsies are a tad too big, and Carter's are just right....but that is just for now. I can tell that when Coop is 3 months old, he probably won't fit in the Carter's 3 month Sleep and Plays. OyVay!

And, what is a sleep and play? I feel like when he is wearing those now, he's in jammies. I can't take him out wearing those...then I am the Mom who is too lazy to properly dress her baby. Onsies and pants for Everyone! Except sometimes those make him look like an old man. An old man that I adore, but an old man, nonetheless.

It made me sad to pack those up. I doubt we will have another baby. It took too long to get pregnant and now I'm freaking old or at least my eggs are, the fertility treatments made me a bit crazy, and holy moly the sleep deprivation is a thing that NO one can quite prepare you for. Not to mention my husband thinks that we would go broke...I am obsessed with baby goods on Etsy, Coop simply cannot have too many books, and heaven forbid I have a girl!!

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  1. Haha you crazy girl! 1. You're NOT old (says the 41yr old with a 15mos old!) 2. Hand me downs are great for defeating that "broke" thing... with the added benefit of reacquainting yourself with old faves like the Carter's Puppy outfit (or in my case the gray velour "footie" from Gap that ALL four boys wore in 3~6mos, and which I inexplicably couldn't bring myself to get rid of even after Jack had made his way though it!) 3. Once that uterus has gotten some miles on it, it might be easier to "refill"... just sayin'! 4. I have heard no less than 15 times that "Mrs. Martin is coming back on March 1st! And Mrs Williams isn't leaving. They're doing a pattren (sic): Ms Martin one day, Ms Williams the next! Isn't that great Mom??" Your friend has missed you but is very excited about the prospect of what is to come! xoxo