Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Tragic Life and Times of Liono Baggins

Once upon a time there was were two kittens named Sunny and Daisy. They were born in March of 2000. Sunny and Daisy spent the first months of their existence in a small cage in Chicago Heights. In July 2000, they were adopted by a loving couple...who promptly changed their lame names to Liono and Cheetara. They would forever be Thundercats to all.

Liono and the Mrs. had a bond like no other. She adored the cat and he in return, adored her. Without words or actions, she always knew what he wanted. Liono was not the best kitty on the block. He enjoyed chewing cords, climbing on things he shouldn't, singeing his hair on candles, sleeping curled up in the bathroom sink, running outside whenever he had a chance, and crying incessantly and loudly for the couple to wake up in the middle of the night. Yet, she loved the cat. Mrs. and Liono cuddled together on the couch and in bed. She adorned him with affection. He was her baby.

And, then this happened....
Mrs. got pregnant. Liono KNEW something was different and in response, he became different. At first, he stopped following her around and wanting to cuddle. She would call his name and he would just glare at her. As the months progressed, he eventually came back to her; however, he began to pull his hair out and just seemed to be depressed. The vet agreed. The girl began to give him more attention and things started to get better for the kitty and the girl. He was still a bit hesitant but just couldn't pinpoint what was amiss.
And, then this happened...

The couple brought home a new creature. The newest addition was far more needy than Liono Baggins and louder too. Liono tried to be the focus...climbing on the girl as she fed the creature, pulling out more hair and leaving it throughout the house, ignoring the creature as he tried to wiggle himself onto her lap....nothing seemed to work. The girl was consumed and gave every ounce of attention to the new addition. He thought if he just waited patiently the creature would be returned to wherever it came from.

As time went on, Liono began to adjust and the girl tried to give him more attention. Slowly, things began to fall into a new normal for the kitty. And then, the girl went back to work. And, depression has set in once again. Liono Baggins seems sad once again. He is pulling out chunks of hair and leaving it throughout the house. Try as she might, it will never be the same attention as he once got. Things will never be the same.

I love my cat. I wish I could make all the changes easier on him. He turned 12 years old this month. Happy Birthday Liono Baggins. You are still loved.

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