Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bujiggety Baby

Cooper is snoozing in his swing this morning. He's swaddled and turned on his side to help his little flat head. I've gone over there three times already to turn him back to his left side because he really likes sleeping on his right...thus that is the flatter of the two sides.

Anyway, as he takes his little Coopaloop nap, I'm sitting here just listening. The quiet lull of his swing and the array of sounds that comes from him. I'm in awe of how much I love hearing all of his little sounds. Before he was born, I went to the Lamaze class, I went to the Breastfeeding class, I read every review I could find of products we may need, I read Baby 411 and other books that may help, I sought advice from all the great Mom's I work with, I recalled things of the past (so I would not repeat them)....with all the things I did in preparation for his awesome arrival, no one can quite prepare you for the little things.

I was not prepared for jaundice, having to supplement, low milk supply, sensitivities/allergies, GERD....but nothing can prepare you for how focused on sounds you can be. Waking up and hearing coo's come from his room, little sleep cries that just make me crack up, how incredibly loud his snoring can be, cries in the middle of the night (is he awake?) of my FAVORITES is when he gets "bujiggety". This is a term that I coined for my restless leg syndrome...when you just feel the need to move around and just can't get comfy. When Coop gets bujiggety, I know it's time to swaddle him. I lay out the Swaddleme on the couch and set him on top. At first he fusses, then as I scoop his legs, he smiles. He will usually lay his arms flat for me and as I begin to swaddle him up, I will talk to him and he smiles and talks back. Once he is completely swaddled he coos and smiles some more...he is completely calm. And, all is right in the world.

Today is a difficult day for my friends at school. God is with us and will see that Gale is at peace now. I am thinking of you all.

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