Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Business Casual by Cooper

I am no longer a stay at home Mommy. I went back to teaching Kindergarten yesterday. I was pretty excited to see my little "Kinder-Hoppers" again. I have a great bunch of kids this year :0) I think everyone expected me to be sad throughout the day, but it never came. I think it helps that I am blessed that my school administration and board allowed me to work Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's through the remainder of the year. It also helped that Monday's my little guy will stay at home with his Grandma, Wednesday's, he will work with Daddy from home, and on Friday's he will stay with my good friend Bridget. I know he will be well taken care of and loved. We are so lucky!

Holy Moly! I was EX.HAUST.ED when I got home! Oh, and so was King Coop...Grandma gave him 3 naps between 6:30AM and 4PM. Three naps totalling 3 1/2 hours for the day. But, this Mommy was tired...I'm yawning just thinking about it. I; however, did not take any naps...plus I had to get our classroom back in shape, teach, and do Peanut Butter, Tony Chestnut, and My Mother is a Baker with my kiddos because singing and dancing are some of the best parts of Kindergarten!

The weather is finally nice here and I was able to take Mr. A-Loop for a long walk on Sunday. To prove what a sleep fighter he is...he stayed awake the entire time. Then Mike took him for a walk later on, in hopes to get a nap outta him. He continued his sleep fighting ways. This boy is just like me! We are in for a loooong sleepless road. I am going to take him over to Perry Farm today and walk and walk and walk....we'll see how long he can fight it off.

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  1. LOL!! Love the picture. I can't stop laughing at Coop - he is soooo stinkin' funny!!!! I hope you are enjoying your first week back! What a great week to come back - unusually warm weather in Illinois!!!!!!