Monday, March 19, 2012

Newborn No More

Yep, that's right Lil are officially an infant. I can't believe how quickly the last month went!

Current Weight- 14lbs 4 oz (1.6lb gain)
Current Height- 26in (1 inch gain)
Current Favorites- Houdini moves with the Swaddleme, Pattycake with feet, "Eat the feet, numnumnum", Ceiling fans, New mobile, babbling on the activity mat
Current Dislikes- Tummy Time, Wearing a bib, Being expected to wait any amount of time to eat

I went about Googling what 3 months old meant for shiggles and here's what...

According to, my three month old's sleeping and eating patterns have become more predictable. This my dear friends is not just funny but is laugh out loud funny. Coop will not be a man of routine, let alone predictable in nature. No siree. He is gonna keep me on my toes. Just when you think you've got the feeding down to a science of 5oz every 3 hours, he'll throw a wrench in it and just eat an ounce and then watch you cry as you pour that liquid gold down the drain. Bwhahaha!

WebMd says that he should be giving me some well needed rest. Bwhahahaha says Cooper!

Also, my three month old is "touching, grabbing, and feeling everything in reach". No not Cooper...he mainly is sporting fists of fury still. Occasionally, he will reach out and grab my hair, just to show me who the boss of the applesauce is. says that Coop can "briefly" bear weight on his legs. Coop scoffs at the word brief. We are pretty sure he will bypass crawling and go straight into sprinting.

Well, I am not really caring what "they" all have to say. This little boy is completely rocking my world. He is absolutely perfect. He seems to just be taking everything in still, he stares intently on our mouths and saves his coos for times when he really has something important to cures to diseases and such. I think that one day he will just go crazy with babbling, he's going to make us wait. He knows that we waited a loooong time for him and as it turns out, the juice was worth the squeeze.

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