Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say My Name, Say My Name

Just a fun little post about how we came up with our little fella's name...contain your excitement. As a Kindergarten teacher, I am very cautious about certain names. Certain names bring up memories, perhaps not the best, of students past. I also didn't want a name that was too popular. My husband was also very picky about names. I loved almost all names that ended with 'an, 'en, 'in...IE- Aidan, Braden, Logan, etc.. He hated all of those names... Who knows? So, when we started talking boy names, we quickly had it narrowed down to the following; Eli, Cooper, and Xander. Well, I eliminated Xander because of the Buffy reference. Then one day we were discussing Eli and Cooper and this scene from one of my favorite movies popped into my head...

I started saying Coop-a-Loop. That was the precise moment, my son was named. Silly I know. We are all about the nicknames though and this one was gonna stick, I could tell. Selling the name further was our affinity for Mario Brothers. Losers, right? Then it occurred to me that we could have a Coopa Troopa...

Images of our little guy in my uterus throwing shells around, also stuck. Cooper was SUPER active, he constantly kicked and moved around, so it made sense that he had shells in there bouncing around. I also began looking for clothes that would further these images...

Those aren't even all of the turtle apparel that this boy has.

We use Coop-a-Loop a lot! Super Cooper, Coopa Troop, Sir Coops A Lot, Mr. A-Loop, Coop, Coopie...poor kid doesn't stand a chance.

Fallible Mommy Moment: Choosing to name him something that rhymes with Pooper.


  1. lol. I love Old School!! Coopa Troopa. Cute.

  2. So funny! We did the same thing but with Luke - didn't even think of puke.....he is now Luker Puker to everyone......gotta love nicknames:)

    1. Hi! I have enjoyed reading your blog for awhile and wanted to comment on Kennedy's post. My son is also named Luke! We picked Luke because there wouldn't be a nickname (except I discovered Luke Duke, Lukie Dukie, Luker...) and the unfortunate: Pukie Lukie (maybe if and when he decides to keep his food down we can throw this one out?). Until then isn't awful??

  3. Hi! I've been reading your kinder blog for a while now and decided to hop on over to your new one! Your son is so adorable! We too had trouble getting pregnant and I actually got pregnant with an IUI on the first try too! It is so difficult to go through but it makes it that much better when you do get pregnant!
    Congrats on little Cooper! Enjoy him, they grow so fast! (My son is already 2 and half, and I have no idea where the time has gone!).
    PS Will you keep posting new stuff on your kinder hoppenings blog? I love your stuff and use it all the time!!