Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Mommy Blog

Yes, it is another Mommy Blog...exciting, right?!? I decided to start a new blog because I would really like to keep my Kindergarten Hoppenings blog focused on teaching and learning.

An introduction...
I am Shannon Martin. I've been married to my love since June 1999. Most of that time was consumed with living as a DINK, adoring 2 large Thundercats, and teaching Kindergarten. Teaching has been my heart and focus for a loooong time. The Mister and I finally decided to have a baby in 2007. Now I know I am no Spring Chicken, but I was we were not at all prepared for how difficult having a baby could be. My family consists of 5 sisters...all of which have families. I thought, no problem when we started trying. I can't imagine how much $$$ I spent on ovulation kits and pregnancy tests!

In August 2010, we decided to go to a fertility doctor. Well, after we heard about the long list of tests and treatments, we weren't too sure about going that route. Lo and behold, August 30th I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! We were soooo excited; however, it was short lived. On September 30th, I had to have a D&C because I had miscarried. I was heartbroken. Lots of tears. Lots of doubt.

We tried again in December and again in January and again in February. By February, we began the process of fertility testing. Our diagnosis was frustrating- unexplained infertility. Our doctor thought the odds were in our favor for IVF working for us but first wanted to try IUI.

We began the process in March 2011. Our numbers were great. I had 6 eggs over 18mm and the husbands count was 187 million. March 25th, 2011 was the day our son was conceived. That is right, we lucked out, we were one of the few that IUI works on the first try.

That is the condensed story of how I became The Fallible Mommy.


  1. I a so happy for you and your family! I have followed you on Kindergarten Hoppenings for awhile and was so excited to follow your exciting adventure! Our stories are very similar as we became pregnant through our first IUI and had our little boy in May of 2003. I too was induced. Our little girl ended up being a surprise pregnancy and was born in February of 2005. We feel so blessed!
    I know that you are enjoying every moment!

  2. I feel so connected to you for so many reasons- teaching Kindergarten, Monee, living in Homewood & going through infertility too. :) I am always thrilled when someone who has tried for so long becomes a mommy. After 3 IUI's, we went the IVF route & got our twin boys. Like Holly, we also got a surprise daughter 17 months later! Such blessings! Try to enjoy this time at home, although I sympathize with your cabin fever. I LOVE teaching K & being a mom. I honestly think I'm a better mom when I'm working...

  3. Congratulations! I follow your teaching blog and will certainly be following you here too.