Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meet Cooper


Cooper Daniel was born on December 13, 2011. He was scheduled to make his appearance on December 12; however, he enjoyed my uterus so much that he took 17hrs and 21mins to arrive. I was was given pitocin to start labor because the I had the WORST acid reflux EVER for my entire pregnancy and because I measured 2 weeks ahead. I waited and waited and waited for the doctor to break my water, he finally showed up at 6:30PM, but it didn't jump start my labor like they had hoped...= more waiting. 

The one thing I would like to convey to you... Delivery hurts like a mutha! Also, epidurals do not always work. It's true. I had an epidural and nada, it didn't work. Three hours later I got a new epidural that just barely took the edge off and partially numbed my right leg. Not exactly what you're looking for when you are about to push a little cantaloupe head out your hooha. I will be the first one to say, I've got a mouth like a trucker. I prepped everyone in that room for my trashtastic mouth...and I only swore once. I was so proud, lol. You know what else no one tells you, the amount of fluid and "stuff" that comes out of your body is copious. That room looks like an episode of CSI. I kept looking on the floor for a body outline, I tell you. I know it's TMI, but for reals, it's crazy!

I pushed for 1hr 21mins and then my goo covered boy was here. I cannot describe how I felt at that moment...complete and utter joy. It was the most overwhelming feeling of my entire life, without a doubt. I am so grateful that I have insurance that covered treatment and am truly blessed to have been able to have this little miracle to hold.

Cooper Daniel
December 13, 2011
21 1/2 inches

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  1. Absolutely love your new blog!!!!!!! I am so happy you guys are finally a FAMILY!!!!!! All the best to you - I'm just sad I won't get to see you present at the Illinois Kindergarten Conference.....maybe next year?!?! Enjoy your time with him - they grow up sooo fast. I have 3 boys:)