Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This Little Piggy

This little piggy hates the carseat,
This little piggy is handsome,
This little piggy likes to giggle,
And, this little piggy sleep fights,
And, this little piggy went oink, oink, oink every hour in our home!

Ok, I'm not much of a poet, lol. I smell a growth spurt. The little Mister is suddenly eating all of the time! This morning he at 5oz at 9:15 and then 4 1/2oz at 10:45. Oh and by the way, he is still up every 3 hours to chow down.

I have fear in my heart of what is to come...Coop is almost consistently breaking free of his swaddle. I wouldn't mind using a sleepsack, IF he wouldn't become so consumed with gnawing on his hand that he doesn't fall asleep for nearly an hour! I never imagined how much I could talk about sleep habits, it's become an obsession.

Mr. A-Loop visited the big bunny at the mall over the weekend. I was a tad disappointed. I expected Coop to be screaming or what I really wished for was for Coop to sport those big buggy eyes that I adore...

He would have matched the giant wabbit perfectly. Instead, my little feller didn't notice the ginormous germ invested bunny, he stared at the archway of flowers and laid there like a little meatloaf. A tasty little meatloaf that would later need to be disinfected.

Let's go over what my little meatloaf got for Easter...plastic eggs filled with cash, a Tigger rattle, a stuffed duck, a vibrating toy thingy, two outfits, and A SLIDE. That's right my 3 1/2 month old got a slide. It just makes me laugh. His Grandma and Grandpa LOVE him so much, he's just a lucky little guy!

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  1. Amazing how being a mom can suddenly make one so conscious of germe. I recall the playgroup days, when I had to supress shudders over all of the toy sharing. Remember that all of the exposure helps to build their little immune systems, LOL.
    Great picture with the E. Bunny!:-)